Automakers would share German electric car incentive plan cost

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Germans could up to 5,000 euros ($5,500) to buy an electric car government proposals which involve the auto industry shouldering 40 percent of the cost, government sources told Reuters on Friday.

Germany has a goal of 1 million electric cars on its by 2020, but has so far made little progress in encouraging drivers to switch from mostly cheaper diesel and models.

The incentive , which was put together by the environment, and economy ministries, still needs approval from the finance ministry which wants a funding concept for the 1.3-billion-euro doesn’t cut into the .

the proposal seen by Reuters, businesses would receive premiums of 3,000 euros for each electric car a program runs to 2020. Incentives will fall by 500 euros each year.

“We were party to these and government consultations on this are still ongoing,” a finance ministry spokesman said on Friday.

Among carmakers, BMW, Daimler’ Mercedes and Volkswagen
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(VOWG_p.DE) produce all-electric cars, while Audi and Porsche also have to build their own.