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Awesome Photos Of Tiwa Savage Promoting Her New Single Under Obalende Bridge

Tiwa Savage promoting her single

Lagos – Nigerian musician, Tiwa Savage has been caught on camera promoting her new single under the Obalende bridge in Lagos. 

Ahead of her album release slated for 2020, pop diva, Tiwa Savage, on Tuesday promoted her latest single ’49-99′ under the popular Obalende bridge in Lagos.

The single and video is her first official single since she was signed on to Universal Music Group in May.

Despite the heavy downpour, a teeming crowd converged under the bridge to attend the surprise performance.

The event was organised by Boomplay.

The 39-year-old singer began her performance at 3.05 p.m., performing some of her greatest hits from, ‘All Over,’ ‘Ello Baby,’ ‘Ma Lo,’ ‘Diet’ before wrapping up with ’49-99’ to the delight of the audience.

Tiwa Savage

The singer released her Fela-inspired single titled ‘49-99’ on September 5 and explained that it referred to ”the 49 people standing and 99 seating in a typical molue bus”.

Explaining the inspiration for the title at a listening party in London a few weeks back, Tiwa said it came from the words “49 sitting 99 standing” in Fela Kuti’s ‘Suffering and smiling’.
 She explained further: “The song encourages the young to put down the sense of inheritance and work for what they desire in life, for a better tomorrow. We can’t sit on our old glories and expect things to change for the better.
“‘49-99’ also addresses some political leaders who, instead of focusing on the growth of a nation, are there just for the money and having affairs with underage girls – while the citizenry is hustling hard to make a daily living.”

The video of the song (49-99) features a recreation of Congo High: Class of ’72, an epic photography collection of Congolese schoolgirls in eccentric hairstyles and blue white-collared uniforms. 

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage


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