Ayade launches campaign against underage drinking

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Ben Ayade has launched Smashed Project, a global campaign against underage drinking, spearheaded by Collingwood Learning UK and carried out Nigeria by the Beer Sectoral Group (BSG).

Ayade, represented by Deputy Governor Ivara Esu, launched the programme Tuesday at Transcorp in .

He said: “It is indeed our honour to launch the Smashed project in Cross River State today. Smashed is a global campaign against underage drinking by Collingwood Learning UK and delivered in Nigeria by the Beer Sectoral Group of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (the BSG’).

“Underage drinking is a societal ill that should concern any responsible government (and indeed, any responsible person) and no effort should be spared to protect young , due to their biological and psychological vulnerability.

“We are thus pleased to collaborate with the BSG on the Smashed Project in Cross River State, as a public-private sector partnership on social responsibility. Partnerships of this nature are crucial, as the government and private sector have a better chance of achieving their shared objectives when they work together.”

Ayade added: “The Smashed Project is also aligned with the Cross River ’s focus on youth development and empowerment. The Smashed project will contribute to equipping our youths with the right mindset towards taking care of themselves and making informed choices.”