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Ban commends Korea for releasing 2 U.S. citizens from prison


NEW YORK – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has commended North Korea for releasing two U.S. citizens; Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller from prison.

In a statement issue by UN Spokesman Stephane DuJarric in New York, Ban noted that the release of Bae and Miller was significant after the release of another American; Mr Jeffrey Fowle in October.

The statement quoted Ban as expressing the belief that the two Americans would return home safe, commending the international cooperation that guaranteed their freedom.

According to it, Ban hopes that the positive momentum for improving relations among the concerned parties for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and beyond will be strengthened.

Authorities in North Korea sentenced Bae to 15-year imprisonment, after being found guilty of unspecified crimes against the state in 2013.

They also sentenced Miller to six-year imprisonment for being guilty of entering the country illegally and committing “hostile acts’’ against the state. (NAN)

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