BBNaija Season 6: ‘Fear Of NBC’ – Big Brother Stops Airing Twitter Comments

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It has been observed that the organisers of Naija, BBNaija Season 6 have stopped airing of comments from Twitter.

previous seasons, comments from viewers on Twitter about the show was aired at the bottom corner of the screen.

However, this Season 6 is as DAILY POST observed that only comments from Facebook by viewers are displayed on the screen.

Recall that the Nigerian government banned Twitter, alleging the is capable of affecting co-existence of Nigeria.

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) immediately directed all broadcasting stations to suspend using Twitter as anyone caught using the is unpatriotic.

The said there would be penalties for the defaulters.

The fear of shutting down its channel and show may be the reason for the compliance.

DAILY POST also observed that BBNaija has tweeted via its official handle @BBNaija for the past one month.

Its last tweet on the was on the 3rd of June, 2021.