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BBNaija: Tension Heightens As TBoss, Bally, Marvis, Debbie-Rise Battle Eviction


Abuja (Sundiata Post) — The nominations in Biggie’s house on Monday were surprising to some while others have predicted it.

The housemates went into the diary room knowing exactly who they would nominate, having discussed it earlier with their fellow housemates.

As predicted by TBoss and Debie-Rise earlier in the evening, the clique – Bally, Bisola, Efe and Marvis nominated the two of them, while they nominated Marvis and Efe.

TBoss and Debie-Rise led the nominations, as most of other housemates nominated them because they felt they had survived a number of evictions, making them possible tight competitors.

After the nominations, Debie-Rise walked in the Diary Room and told Biggie that the nominations were as expected. Her emotions got the better of her, as she cried while talking to Biggie.

Marvis also told Biggie that she saw her nomination coming.

“A few people didn’t see my nomination coming. I didn’t take it to heart. I think they (TBoss and Debie-Rise) put me up because of the comment I made about Debbie not having self-esteem,” she told Biggie.

Marvis was probably right about the other housemates not seeing her nominations coming, as Bisola said she was surprised to hear Marvis’s name amongst the nominated housemates.

TBoss also felt it was as expected. “I totally saw it coming!” she said.

She said she was not surprised that HoH Bisola saved Efe, as opposed to saving Marvis and didn’t dwell much on her statement.

Bally, on the other hand, said he was really surprised that he wasn’t put up for nomination initially, before the HoH swapped Efe for him.

“I was surprised. I really thought I’d be put up. That’s why the situation was a surprise for me. I thought Debie-Rise and TBoss would put me up and I was surprised when I didn’t hear my name. This is why it really got to me when I was replaced,” he said.

Efe was also another housemate that was surprised by the nominations.

“I thought Bisola would save Marvis because they’re close,” he said.

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