Home Style Beautiful Nubia urges Hip Hop artistes to communicate with good lyrics

Beautiful Nubia urges Hip Hop artistes to communicate with good lyrics


By NAN A folklore musician, Segun Akinlolu, popularly known as Beautiful Nubia, on Sunday urged young musicians to use good lyrics to communicate meaningfully to the society.

Akinlolu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that there was nothing wrong in youths playing the Hip Hop, but they should use good lyrics to send their messages.

“We should not lay blames on youths, but the media that are pushing out the music to the people. So if what the media is pushing out is bad, it takes hold of the public mind.

“If we want honest music, we play one, not pretend to be owanbe or American if we want to be truthful to our selves.

“When we were growing up we listened to Cool and the Gang musical group, but we grew out of it.

“There is a natural process of maturity where people think deep and listen to more reflective music.

“There should always be good message in songs we do for positive changes. I am very particular about that.

“If the Hip Hop is not addressing that, then there is a problem about the songs,” he said.

Akinlolu, however, said that there would be problem when youths grew older and were still doing the Hip Hop.

He said that Nigerian would grow out of the Hip Hop and  prefer Nigerian music.

“They are trying already to do some collaboration or sing some of the 90s music.

“In the 90s it was reggae, in the70s it was pop. There is no need to push it; we should let them to bring it down to the Nigerian level,” he said.

Akinlolu said that he was playing the traditional music which reflected what we were.

“It is a traditional music brought in different contemporary ways.

“I use Nigeria setting to sing the music and tell what is wrong in the society.

“It reflects the problems, the challenges we face every day; it reflects how we grew up, what we face every day in our society.

“We try to teach through the music the need for the people to be honest, hard working, good neighbourliness, sincerity consciousness, love and protecting one another.

“That is what we are telling the society, we are singing it for the society to change.

“It is the ancient wisdom and philosophy of our people and how they live a clean life.

“It is about the wisdom of all Africans that I put into poetry and prose, put it into songs and let people hear what we have to preach. I try reflecting on life experiences,” he said.

NAN reports that Akinlolu has recorded eight albums including, “Seven lives”, “Voice from heaven” and “Fire on the Roof”.

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