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Because they know whose mandate they stole…

Bola Tinubu, Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar


It is getting increasingly childish. I thought that having been declared the “president-elect” based on your alleged inducement of the INEC chairman who shamelessly threw conscience and class to the dogs and declared you winner of the February 25 presidential race, you should have mandated your warriors of calumnies to sheath their swords. I thought that having charged aggrieved parties to ‘go to court’, it would have been moments of relaxation and enjoyment for you preparatory for your inauguration.

It does feel like you, ‘president-elect’ Bola Ahmed Tinubu and your warriors are more jittery and apprehensive now than prior to elections. The reason though is simple: you and your cohorts know the person whose mandate you stole. HE Peter Obi apparently has gone for your jugular with his mandate-recovery petition. So, you strive like never before, perchance you can press or hang a criminal charge around his neck.

Unfortunately for you, no amount of distraction nor gimmicks can dampen the enthusiasms of Nigerians towards the recovery of their stolen mandate, neither would they assuage the feeling of brutal betrayal of the masses in respect of the noonday robbery of the last presidential election. So tell your BATists to brace up for the imminent legal fireworks. The ObIdients, remain Obidiently unwavering. The world is keenly watching!


Henry writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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