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Best Places to Visit in Nigeria



Nigeria is a large country, and there are thousands of places to see and visit there. Nigeria is a country where people of different culture and color coexist in harmony. Nigeria is actually a pretty developed country; it has a booming oil industry, is home to one of the best live betting sites and has a large film industry.

Now, some people call it a dangerous country. True, it was that way a while ago, but not anymore. Now it is pretty safe, and the police have a grip over criminals. Tourists travel freely without much fear, and you can expect to have a good time.

In this article, let’s go over the top 5 cities to visit if you are in Nigeria.


This city is the gateway to the Afi rainforests, which are a nature reserves. People who travel there may witness gorillas, chimpanzees and other wonderful animals in their natural habitat. The craggy mountains are wonderful as well.

Calabar is not really a city – many consider it to be a town. It is an interesting suburban area with a large infrastructure and many interesting places to see. There is a pretty grim museum there, which shows a terrifying history of slavery.

And Duke Town Chapel is an interesting Christian church, which is the first on the continent of Africa.


This packed and very tightly populated city is the biggest in Nigeria. It is, actually, one of the biggest in Africa. Over 18 million people call Lagos their home.

There are whole streets of bars and clubs in this large city, and many of them are not bad. And some are pretty nice.

The coast is especially beautiful with its promenades by the seaside and the lovely sight of the sunset will impress anybody. The golden sand at the beaches is great as well.


This city is far inland. It is north of Lagos, and it is also a regional capital. The city of Abeokuta is pretty much an agricultural capital – it is surrounded by fields of yam and corn. This is also a historic location – traders from all over Africa used to stop here, and you can see the old adobe buildings left from that time.

And the beautiful Olumo Rock mountains that stand tall near the city are also eye-candy. They are totally worth seeing. The place is a natural fortress, and if you go there, you will find shops selling artwork and souvenirs.

Yankari National Park

This national park is east of Abuja, and it is home to the most numerous herd of wild elephants on all of Africa. There is also a cave system in this park, which is a tourist attraction, since it has long served as a shelter for ancient people. They have left petroglyphs and relics there, which are a one of a kind experience.

Over 20000 people visit this place yearly, so there are many top hotels and lodges there.


Abuja is different from Lagos, because it was built more recently, and is mostly purpose-built.  The horizon is very beautiful, because of the inland hills.

Abuja is devoid of the bustle and pollution of Lagos, but this also makes it a little boring There are not as many bars and restaurants here. However the Abuja Millennium Park and the Mosque are marvelous places to see.

And Wuse Market is also a great thing for tourists to see.

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