Between Atiku and APC’s Unusual ‘Fightback’ By Samuel Ajayi

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If you understand communication, especially that on PROPAGANDA and MIND MODULATION, APC and the Presidency just want put on the defensive. And I am afraid, they are succeeding.

Atiku, since the election, has put Buhari, APC and on a MORAL and INTEGRITY TIGHT CORNER. Especially when stories kept coming out that he was being begged not go to court.

They were wriggling in confusion for weeks. And they were bereft of ideas. Now, they think they have fight back.

I won’t be surprised if the posters I saw in Abuja were printed and pasted by the ruling party.

The issue of of being a Cameroonian or not may be pedestrian and ridiculous, but it is a distraction that will resonate with those who are ESTABLISHMENT CHEER LEADERS. For long, they have nothing chew against Atiku. Now they have one. Who knows what they will be fed next?

And it will also take attention away from the issue at hand: whether was rigged or not.

Let Atiku’s media team put on their thinking cap! This is beyond press releases and gathering editors/journalists together.

This is real thinking time.

He may not get any mandate back but he may succeed in making Buhari and APC battle CREDIBILITY CRISIS for the next four years.

Consolation? Getting this done is rocket science…

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