Biafra: God Has Given Me Another Assignment – Nnamdi Kanu Declares

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Nnamdi Kanu has revealed God has given him a new assignment.

The Indigenous People , a live broadcast Sunday night said he not only serve but all the brave Nigeria.

He said his singular aim to see corrupt people the country either dead or prison.

“God gave me another assignment this year, not only to serve the wonderful people but also to serve the brave youths Nigeria. And is what I’m doing.

“And I continue to do until everybody is free and until every corrupt individual is either in the grave, hanged, or in prison.

“The difference between us and some you is when we things, we do it. But, you there keep grumbling and murmuring ‘things are bad o, things are bad.’ We are to make our dreams a reality, not because we are better than any other person but because Elohim is the throne,” he said.