Biden launches transition website

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JOE Biden, the Democratic candidate for the U.. , has launched an official transition website,

The move comes as votes are still being counted in many and the presidential race still undecided.

On the website is a short that reiterates Biden’ earlier assertion that is the American people that decide who becomes the next U.. .

“Votes are still being counted in several around the country.

“The crises facing the country are severe — from a pandemic to an recession, climate change to racial injustice.

“The transition continue preparing at full speed so that the Biden‑Harris Administration can hit the ground running on Day One,” the says.

Earlier in a speech, Biden, who is also a former U.. Vice , said was clear that he had won “enough to reach 270 electoral votes to the presidency”.

“I’m not here to declare that we’ve won, but I am here to when the count is finished, we believe we be the winners,” he said.