Home News …Bishop Chukwuma hits Buhari for handling situation with kid gloves

…Bishop Chukwuma hits Buhari for handling situation with kid gloves


Anglican Bishop of Enugu and Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Emmanuel Chukwuma, has dubbed the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari worst in history of Nigeria in terms of fight against corruption and insecurity.
Chukwuma in an interview in Enugu claimed the president pays lipsservice to insecurity while pandering to ethnic and selective tendencies.

The fiery prelate did not spare the former service chiefs who were recently confirmed ambassadors by the Senate. He alleged they were corrupt people that should have been probed for the huge sums of money that passed under them without results.
“We spend a lot of money for defence, a lot of money is being pumped into these areas and nothing efficient and that is why I am annoyed that these people who carted a lot of money in defence are now being asked to go and spend this money abroad as ambassadors in one country or the other. It is a shame. That is the highest way of corruption and I totally condemn it because these people have made a lot of money and they should be probed. The outgone service chiefs should be seriously probed.
“It is absolutely unfortunate and criminal for them to be given ambassadorial positions. They do not have any credibility to be so appointed as far as I am concerned. If they had ended Boko Haram and insecurity then you can say they did well. But now they did not end anything and you are giving them more opportunity to go and eat the money they have taken when they should be probed.”
He also faulted the government-supported negotiation between Sheikh Gumi and bandits, saying theyshould instead be dealt with decisively for bringing troubles to Nigerians.
He advised the new service chiefs not to subscribe to negotiation with bandits, urging them to be decisive in their fight against insurgency.

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