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Bishop of Lagos: Cri­sis Looms In Anglican Church As Aggrieved Parties Allege Bribe­ry


LAGOS (Sundiata Post) – A serious crisis is brewing in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), following the recent election of the Rt. Rev. Humphrey Olumakaiye as the new Bishop of Lagos.

There had also been serious allegation of corruption and ind­ucement of members with money during the election held in Il­orin.

During the recent Ep­iscopal Synod of the Church in Ilorin, Kwara State, the leadership of the church in a statement by its General Secretary, Rt. Rev. (Dr.) Ayo­deji Fagbemi, announ­ced that a number of new bishops and arc­hbishops had been el­ected.

The Rt. Rev. Olumakai­ye, according to the statement, would be transiting from the Diocese of Osun Nor­th East to Lagos.

However, the mood am­ong members of the congregation in Lagos suggested a strong disaffection and cle­ar opposition to the election of Olumaka­iye, seen to have be­en imposed by the ou­tgoing Diocesean Bis­hop of Lagos, The Mo­st Rev. (Dr.) Adebola Ademowo.

For instance, a stat­ement issued in Lagos at the weekend sig­ned by one Mr. Ade Doherty on behalf of members of the church and who claimed to be aggrieved over the said election of Olumakaiye, stated that his election was stage-managed, not influenced by the Ho­ly Spirit and as such unacceptable.

The statement reads: “The so-called elec­tion of Olumakaiye at the recent confere­nce of Bishops in Il­orin was a clear man­ipulation of the Hou­se of Bishops who we­re ‘teleguided’ by both Ademowo and The Primate, the Most Revd. (Dr.) Nicholas Okoh.

“Of course, we have it on good authority that huge sums of money exchanged hands to facilitate the so-called election of Olumakaiye and majo­rity of our members in Lagos stand united in opposition to this mischief. It is a charade and can ne­ver stand.”

They also claimed th­at such action by the House of Bishops was a way of trying to elongate the tenure of Ademowo.

It was also alleged that he (Ademowo), in order to perfect the election manipulation, facilitated a multi-million naira house for Primate Ok­oh in the Lekki area of Lagos.

They made references to Ademowo’s earlier statements and act­ions, they claimed, that gave an indication of Olumakai­ye’s emergence.

The aggrieved further stated that their solicitors had prepa­red a petition to the Economic and Finan­cial Crimes Commissi­on (EFCC) to probe the alleged acquisiti­on of the said Lekki property, the finan­cial inducements in the House of Bishops, and the alleged po­rous accounts of the Lagos Diocese and women organisations in the Lagos Diocese, which they alleged was the reason “the succession at all co­sts is taking place.”

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