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Bishop Uzoukwu leads prayers for Late Queen Elizabeth II


Rev Martins Uzoukwu

MINNA- The Catholic Bishop of Minna Diocese, Most Rev. Martins Uzoukwu, has   led prayers for the repose of the soul of  late Queen Elizabeth II.

Uzoukwu, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) an interview in Minna on Monday said that the entire dioceses had fervently offer special prayers in honour of late  Queen Elizabeth II.

He said that although the demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was a great loss to the entire world, death is the pathway through which every mortal must pass to eternity.

“As the  Queen will be buried today, her presence will  be felt by the legacy which will endure for many generations to come.

” It was a shock to many people because she was the most powerful female leader in the world.

“She had been so long a sovereign that it was almost beyond the imagination of most people to think of her as no more.

” But reflecting on her life, one cannot but admire her for being a true leader in the world.

” She carried out her duties with all sense of purpose. Her life was a service to her people and they were proud of her.

” Their gathering in thousands everyday to view her casket is a testimony of the love they have for her and their appreciation of her role in their national life,” he said.

Uzoukwu said that the Queen’s death was an eloquent lesson to all world leaders as well as the led.

” We have learnt that no matter how powerful we may be, our lives are totally dependent on God and God alone.

” At the appointed time, Almighty God calls us back home because the world is only a temporary stage for us.

“Therefore, we should utilise all opportunities given to us by God to be selfless leaders who add authentic values to the lives of our people.

“We are only God’s stewards here on earth (see: Parable of the Talents Matt 25:14-30).

” It is not how long, but how well we live our lives that matters. It is what we do with our lives that will make people remember us.

“If we remember that one day we will all die, I believe our world leaders will tread carefully, with caution and with a sprit of equity, fairness and justice.

” We would not want to squander the opportunities we have been given. Unfortunately what we have especially in Nigeria is where leaders are lords over our commonwealth and enriching themselves and their families,” added.

The Catholic cleric noted that the  Queen was a firm Christian who wore her faith like a pendant.

“It influenced her life and she was proud to profess it at all times. It was her guiding principle especially at this time in the Western world when it is almost an abomination to practice the Christian Faith publicly.

” She was not afraid to witness for Christ (Acts 1:8). She was also open to accommodate people of other denominations and other faiths in her kingdom,” he said.

Uzoukwu urged leaders in Nigeria to emulate the exemplary and qualitative leadership demonstrated by the late Queen Elizabeth II, inorder to Nigeria great.

He maintained that God gave rights to every mankind to exist  anywhere irrespective of tribe, religious and tribal affiliations and freely express themselves, their cultures and religious beliefs.

“How I wish our own leaders will sit down and reflect on what they will be remembered for when they take their exits from this world.

“It is not what they are hearing from the mouths of praise singers that matter, but what posterity will place on the sands of history in their names that will surely matter.

“May the soul of Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace,” Uzoukwu said. ( NAN)