Black actor to star as Superman for first time

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A black actor will take the lead role for the first time in the next Superman ; which will also have a black and scriptwriter in the crew.

However, there have been announcements concerning the black star actor and that will feature in the , DailyMail .

However, Ta-Nehisi Coates, who expanded the world of Wakanda for Marvel comics will be the scriptwriter for the Black superman . By December, Coates is expected to turn in the script to Warner Bros house.

Although this is the first time a black actor will star in the superman movie, is a in the comic world.

In the 2009 Series Crisis 7 of the Superman DC Comics, a black superman was introduced as a character called Calvin Ellis, who was said to have come from another universe. That character was from a universe called “Earth 23” where his civilian identity was the president of the .

According to the comic book writer, Grant Morrison, the character was inspired by .

However, there is proof that this same version of Superman will appear on the big screens.

There have been rumours concerning the black star actor that will play the lead role in the next Superman movie. In 2019, there were rumours that Michael B. Jordan was involved in developing a black Superman movie for the big screen.

The actor, however, played down the rumour, stating that, “I’m flattered that have me in that conversation. ’s definitely a compliment, but I’m just watching on this .”

There are also speculations that the moviemakers may pick an unknown name for the film, as they did in 2006 when Brandon Routh donned the cape for ‘Superman Returns’.