Black Republicans in Trump’s America, By Osmund  Agbo

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Dr Osmund Agbo

Before President Barack was Dr. Ben Carson, the legend raised by a single mum who rose from nothing to become the world’ most celebrated black surgeon. A folk hero. How I wish those images would stick our minds today of the man inspired generation.


May of last year, we watched Rep.Maxine Walters eviscerate Trump’ Secretary of Housing and Urban development as he continued to spew gibberish front of the house oversight committee. The man came across as unprepared and didn’t want to be there. He looked subdued, unhappy and sleep deprived. We watched shame as he tried to justify his administrative actions. We shuddered in shame how this greatest beneficiary of the American dream allegedly was making  it impossible for generations came after him. I’m not sure he was convinced in his mind was the right thing to do but was irrelevant. The important thing was what the Master wants and Ben Carson needed to keep his job badly. one was sold his pitch. Worse still, one could even hear Mr.Trump on the back end complaining about the terrible job that the  “low energy’ Ben was doing.


It was really sad but I personally have pity for the man reached the mountain top and then opted for a free fall. To what end? He couldn’t convince anyone he thought President Trump was the best thing happened to America when he joined his cabinet.


Many in the black community today look at the likes of Ben Carson, the late Herman Cain, Stacy Dash and the new kid on the block, Candace Owen and be like who in the world of Uncle Toms are these people?


But in as much as it’ hard to stick a party whose crown jewel sees you and your people as less human, some of actually think it’s a good thing not to put all our eggs in one basket. Things happen and the tide turns. After all the Democratic Party of today was the Republican Party of yesteryears and life constantly evolves.


The world is shamelessly notorious for rigidity of opinion. Yes, our default setting is to lump a tribe, a race or an ethnic group into one homogeneous socio-cultural demographic monolith. Nothing is from the truth. Contrary to what we like to believe, is every black man straight? Don’t we also have the transgender, transsexual , bi and even queer in our midst? So is our shades of blackness that stretches from the Ebony model from south Sudan to a shade close to Barack . Heck, we even have our chocolate-skinned black Jews of Ethiopia. Go figure.


I think part of this false narrative is reinforced by those of who see those singing different tunes outside of the majority as a sell-. I get it that they belong in the minority and that we are constantly irritated by their but get over it. It’s not just about you and your people after all were we not advised to chose being kind rather being right? I believe the reason for that is because one knows what is right and even sometimes the line between right and wrong is blurred.


Whites are also not without guilt of this one sin. Or how else to explain that if all you have is 0.001 percent of the black gene, you are automatically black in America. Of course we are always happy to accept these brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts of ours. No qualms. But to think that white America makes no room for this hybrid of nature bothers on ridiculousness.


And so many of have no issues seeing brothers and sisters join the other side of the political divide. After all it’s good to know your enemy from within as the one way to be better prepared. You have to convince though that you are not there to sell to your master and help yourself with the spoils. Thus far we are not convinced such is the case. In we know you could care less about us.


The problem is that when the chips are down and you don’t get your way, you fall back on us and wish that we erase that aspect of your history. You wish us selective amnesia. We believed what you said was your conviction and have to make excuses to what we thought you believed in. In sometimes you even want to gain our sympathy and try  to bring up the idea of “fighting for people”. Did someone just mention Omarosa?


As long as you are comfortable with your , we will respect you for that. The only thing we ask of you is to please be consistent. For that’s how Klansmen earned the respect of the whole wild world.


Dr. Agbo is the coordinator of African Center for Transparency and writes from USA. Email: