Blatter wants to keep 32-team World Cup

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ZURICH  – president Sepp Blatter is opposed to proposals to expand the number of teams at the World Cup and would like to keep the number of participants to 32 if he is re-elected, he said Friday.

He also suggested playing more intercontinental playoffs to resolve the discussion about how many places should be awarded to each , and a continent which hosts the World Cup should wait at least 12 years before staging it again.

Blatter is standing for a fifth mandate as president May 29 and of his three challengers, former Portugal forward Luis Figo and Dutch FA president Michael van Praag, to expand the World Cup to 48 and 40 teams respectively.

“I will tell you we should remain with the system we have had, and the best system is the one with 32 teams,” Blatter told reporters at headquarters.

“First of all, we have realised 32 teams is the best mathematical system, because you can play it 28 or 30 days,” added Blatter, who is runaway favourite to be re-elected.

“Secondly, the contracts we have for the next World Cups, they are all done with 32 teams.”

FIFA will hold an committee meeting the day after the presidential to decide how to distribute places at the World Cup.[pro_ad_display_adzone id=”70560″]

“There shall not be a revolution, there shall just be a discussion on that and we are doing (this) on the next day (after) the with the president who is elected.”

Asked about the possibility of more interzonal playoffs, he said: “That’s a good idea, and you are not so far away, this gives a little bit more incentive….you are on a track which is very convenient for me.”

Blatter said that he wanted to re-introduce a system among the continents for the hosting of the World Cup.

“This was agreed by the so-called but it has immediately been broken later by UEFA, but it’s true that the confederations wait twice, it should be that way,” he said.

If put into practice, that would mean that Europe, which hosts the 2018 World Cup in , would not be able to bid again until 2030.

“But I can only speak in the conditional, or in 15 days’ time,” Blatter added.(Reuters)