Bode George Blows Hot, Reveals That An Ex-Lagos Governor Has 3 Private Jets (Video)

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Bode George, a retired military officer, has made a startling claim, revealed a former Governor of Lagos State has three jets.

The ’s Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain did not mention a name.

In an interview with , he stressed greed was a problem in Nigeria.

The politician warned if and officials fail to act right, youths may descend on their graves after .

“Look at the former Governor of Lagos State, he has three jets, jets. The other one, 900X, can fly from Lagos to New York. Where is his business?

“Look at the Falomo Shopping Mall that was built by Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson; you know what they have there now? The horse cable for ’s son. What kind of madness is that? These are our heritage.

“Look at the end of Awolowo road there, the nursing home. We can’t even nurses anymore in Lagos State. These are issues, I am talking as an elder statesman.

“I am in my mid-seventies, what am I afraid of if I can’t say it? If things go well, fine; if things don’t go well, our children – these same youths – come and exhume our bodies and be mad with .

“Today, every day, we keep talking about Papa Awolowo, Herbert MacCaulay, talking about our heroes’ past because of their contributions. The greed is too much”, the ex- (NPA) Chairman declared.

Watch the video below: