Body of American general killed by Afghan soldier returns

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The body of a US killed in Afghanistan has returned to the US in a military ceremony in Delaware.

Major Harold Greene killed by an Afghan soldier at a British-run military academy near Kabul.

carried a metal case draped the US flag Greene’ remains a military plane to a mortuary vehicle as Army officials saluted.

Maj Gen Greene is the highest-ranking US military official to have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He the deputy commanding for the Combined Security Transition Command, involved in preparations for the withdrawal of coalition troops at the end of the year.

The BBC understands the at Qargha happened after a broke out.


Top US Army officials saluted Maj Gen Greene’ remains during the ceremony The Afghan soldier, who recruited three years ago, opened fire a guard post at a large group of Afghan and international troops, Afghan defence ministry sources told the BBC.

The Pentagon described it as an isolated and insisted that there has been no of trust between coalition and their Afghan counterparts. At least 15 were wounded.

Eye-witness of

The first three shots hit the ground and no one knew where the shots were coming . The gunshots continued for about three minutes. Everybody was shouting all sides.

About three minutes into the , one bodyguard located the shooter and shot him. It was then we realised that the attacker was the small window of a bathroom in a single-storey building about five metres where everyone had gathered.

We heard a shout that “Gen Green is down, bring the first aid kit”. He had already died.

The witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, was speaking to the BBC Afghan service in Kabul

Maj Gen Greene’ comes as US Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived in Afghanistan to try to resolve the crisis surrounding the recent disputed presidential poll.

He meet presidential rivals Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah on his two-day visit to discuss recounting votes.

Dover Air Force Base is home to the country’s largest military mortuary