Boko Haram Claims Responsibility For Zabarmari Massacre

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Boko Insurgents have revealed that they are for killings over 43 farmers in Zabarmari area Borno .

In a new three minutes 37- video released , sect members said they carried out attack because farmers arrested one its members and handed him to the Nigerian military.

“You think you can nab our brother and hand him to soldiers and live in ,” a masked group asked in video. You think Allah will forget what you have done to our brother”a masked of group asked

The also swore that those who have arrested Boko or have been spying on them and have not repented will be given the same treatment.

“The third message is on those who notoriously nab our brethren and hand them to the military or give them a clue on us. You know that, unless you repent, what happened to your people is awaiting you.” he warned

On Saturday, November 28, the sect members stormed the farmland and killed over 43 farmers. They tied their hands before beheading them one after the .