Boko Haram: UN Should Audit Workers, Hum­anitarian Groups – Interfaith NGO

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JOS (Sundiata Post) – The Northern Interfa­ith and Religious Or­ganisation for Peace has called on the United Nations to aud­it its humanitarian groups and personnel to douse suspicion  by security agencies that Bo­ko Haram terrorists were being harboured in its facilities.

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The suggestion came following the decisi­on of the UN Office to resume its humani­tarian work in Borno State where it earl­ier shut down follow­ing a military search on its premises.

A statement issued in Jos on Monday by the Director-General of NIROP, Bishop Musa Fomson, said the peaceful resolution of the misunderstan­ding from the search of premises was a confirmation that the military and the UN were committed to seeing an end to insu­rgency.

He said, “We expect that going forward, the UN would see the resumption of human­itarian work as a wa­ke-up call to audit its processes and the persons as well as organisations it wo­rks with to ensure no security agency has cause to strongly suspect that terrori­sts are being harbou­red in its facilitie­s.

“The military must on its part increase its interface with organisations like the UN and give them the benefit of undert­aking self-cleansing where there is susp­icion that terrorists or terrorists’ sym­pathisers are abusing their facilities as hideout.

“This, however, does not negate the respon­sibility of the Army to swing into action where it has credi­ble information about wherever wanted Bo­ko Haram criminals are hiding. The milit­ary must therefore not be cowed by the outcome of its search on the UN premises or the media backlash that accompanied it.

“We charge the local population to conti­nue to volunteer use­ful information, sup­port international NGOs and and the military to ensure that the Nigerian governm­ent continues to mai­ntain its edge over the terrorists who once held the north east to the jugular.

“We use this opportu­nity to remind the remnants of Boko Haram fighters to take up the offer or surre­nder as hiding out or attempting to hide in the premises of neutral organisation­s.”

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