Border closure: Senator asks Buhari to extend waivers to more firms

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The Senator representing Ogun West Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Tolu Odebiyi, has frowned at the perceived special treatment accorded some firms to import and export items despite the current border closure.

He asked the to develop a comprehensive policy based on objective criteria to enable other deserving businesses to apply for similar waivers.

He specifically described as unfair, the recent exemption of some firms by the from the ongoing border closure arrangement.

The Senator, who has been fighting for the reconsideration of the stringent border closure policy since August 2019 when the policy came into effect, stated this in an with correspondent on Wednesday.

He expressed his objection to what he termed ‘selective exemption’ of a certain company from border closure when thousands of small businesses in his had gone into extinction because of the imposed land border policy.

He said, “It is in fact a breach of the law, as contained in Chapter 4 Section 42 (1) of the Constitution.

“The section states that any law that gives preferential treatment to a particular individual, company or group is a breach of the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“If you are going to relax the policy, then it be across the board. We have companies in Agbara in Ogun State that are adversely affected and nothing is being done to help them.

“I think it is not proper to give exemption to one company to the detriment of others. What will happen to the other companies most affected?

“The duty of the government is to discourage monopoly and create an enabling environment for all genuine business owners to strive so that they can create enough wealth and reduce unemployment.

“A lot of people are struggling economically. It is a challenge we all need to find a better way of overcoming,” he added.