BPE to encourage private sector investment

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Re-appointed Director-General (DG), Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE), Mr. Alex A. Okoh, has set up a six-point agenda for his administration in next four years which include working towards encouraging more private sector operators to invest in critical sectors of the economy through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

Speaking for first time since his re-appointment for another term of four years, Okoh said already, the government has simplified the PPP process, which allows private sector players to scout for projects to be financed through the PPP model.

Head, Public Communications, Amina Othman in a yesterday, explained that DGl said other areas of interest would be: completion of the ongoing reform and privatisation of the Bureau; carrying out other transactions that are scheduled for reforms and privatisation in the Privatisation and Commercilaisation Act 1999 of the BPE and ensuring the passage of reform bills pending before the National Assembly.

Others are ensuring robust engagement with relevant stakeholders; and deepening of core values of the BPE by ensuring, integrity& transparency, team-work, accountability and professionalism.

He said he would immediately put in place, a template to further reinvigorate Bureau’s activities and step up efforts towards revving up those enterprises that are due for either reforms or privatisation.

“In all our transactions, and accountability will continue to be our watch word. It is also an opportunity for country to witness increased activities in our mandate which will lead to more job opportunities for our teeming youth and increased revenue for the Federal Government,” he stated.

Okoh thanked Buhari and Vice-President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo who is also the Chairman of the National Council on Privatisation (NCP) for finding him worthy of re-appointment, noting that it was an evidence of the confidence both of them repose in him to lead the privatisation agency. He promised to re-double his efforts in the next four years to recreate and reinvent the Bureau to become the top most reform agency in the world.