Bread Tax Is Evil, Perm Sec Facing Disciplinary Action – Kogi Governor

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An unnamed secretary is under probe for being behind purported law placing on bread in Kogi .

governor of , Yahaya Bello made this known while denying approving controversial bread in .

According to him, the move is evil.

The governor said those behind the purported law would soon be unmasked and punished accordingly.

He said: “The incident of bread in Kogi is the most unfortunate infraction any right-thinking being would allow to fly.

“When I assumed office on January 27, 2016, I inherited a decayed civil service and I embarked on massive reform of the civil service.

“Before now, the civil servants in the state don’t follow the public service rules or the financial regulations. A similar incident happened within this period of -19 where two secretaries decided to take the laws into own hands and wrote a letter to worship centres, demanding fumigation of the worship centres be paid for despite the fact it a service Kogi State rendered free of charge. Those secretaries have since been dismissed from service.

“The particular incident of bread tax is being looked into as I speak, we are investigating those that are behind this. It is evil and it is unaccepted, to say the least.

“I have ordered the Head of Service to issue queries to those that are and they face the law accordingly. This is a state that never locked down over -19 but our economy badly hit because all our neighbours; 10 states, including the , locked down.

“If I didn’t lock down to subject to hardship, should I because of tax or hardship impose additional hardship on them by paying bread tax? If there is a way, I can even give tax holiday for some of our businesses, I do that, not to tax bread.

“So, the Secretary concerned is facing disciplinary action and we are going to communicate to the world at the end of the day. I never ordered that and I don’t think any senior member of cabinet order such.”