Breaking: Enugu Dep Gov slumps before impeachment panel

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Enugu Dep Gov slumps before impeachment panelENUGU – Deputy of , Mr. Sunday Onyebuchi, slumped at about 11.35 am Wednesday while testifying before Impeachment Panel probing allegations of misconduct leveled against him by State .
He rushed out of court hall at about 11.38 am by , Mrs. Nneka Ada Onyebuchi, and some of aides present for attention.
deputy had arrived court in company of lawyers Wednesday morning and began evidence at 9.30 am but three hours five minutes later he reportedly collapsed and and others present rushed forward to rescue him.[eap_ad_2]
of the defence counsel, Mr. Peter Eze, said the deputy collapsed five minutes after the Chief of Staff, Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo and the state Attorney General, Mr. Anthony Ani, SAN, came into the court.
Eze said that the deputy governor immediately rushed to the while the proceeding stood down till 2pm.
Mrs. Nwobodo was accompanied to the court at about 11am by the State Attorney General in response to the summons served on her on Tuesday to appear before the panel. (Vanguard)[eap_ad_3]