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BRISIN pledges transparency in ongoing recruitment


By Francisca Oluyole



Abuja   –       The Basic Registry and Information System of Nigeria (BRISIN)
has assured Nigerians of transparency in the recruitment of personnel needed for the implementation of the programme.

The Coordinator of the programme, Dr Anthony Uwa at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum in Abuja, said the programme planned to recruit 5,000 unemployed Nigerians in the pilot phase in the Federal Capital Territory.

According to Uwa, there will be no favoritism in the recruitment process as everything will be
done based on merit.

“The BRISIN recruitment is not like any other recruitment. It is very transparent; if you are qualified you will be automatically taken and once the list comes out, you will go for interview.

“About 200 people will go to Italy for training and will come back to train some people here in Nigeria, so we don’t short-change anybody.

“If you are qualified, you apply. You don’t need to know anybody to apply to become a BRISIN staff because we want the system that is hitherto sleeping to be awake.

“If you start by saying you got a letter from a senator, it will not work; we want people on ground to really do the job and to really know the importance of the job.’’

Uwa urged Nigerians seeking employment in the system to beware of fraudsters, stressing that BRISIN did not engage any consultant to handle the employment.

He said that prospective applicants could register via the BRISIN portal (www.brisin.gov.ng).

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