How Buhari will fund social investments, safety nets – APC Campaign

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) –The APC Presidential Campaign Organisation (APCPCO) has assured that it would not impose any harsh tax regime on Nigerians but will rather employ existing tax policies of government to fund its people-oriented programmes.

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In a press statement by Malam Garba Shehu, Director of Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation, the party said that under the present administration of President Jonathan, the Nigerian people and the business community are reeling under multiple, discriminatory and harsh tax regime.

“The prevailing harsh tax regime under the present PDP government has caused untold hardship on the population while manufacturing industries in the country are threatening to shut down their operations because of the high electricity tariff imposed on them when they depend largely on generating sets to power their factories.

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“An APC administration will make life more bearable and manageable for both the citizens and the business sector by entrenching discipline in Public Administration across all sectors of governance. Second, the party will plug all loopholes through which public funds are being lost. When these loopholes and accompanying wastages are plugged and corruption reduced to a minimum or totally stamped out as promised by our Presidential candidate, General Buhari, the government will have reasonable quantum of funds to social investments programmes in education, health, and safety nets such as free school meals for children, emergency public works for unemployed youth and pensions for the elderly. Third, an APC government will seek to ensure that all existing laws and policies on taxation will be implemented judiciously while tax authorities and administrators will be encouraged to do their work with the utmost transparency.

“The PDP is obviously scared of the credible alternative which the APC represents and will go to any length to lie to Nigerians on any issue including those on which the APC has not expressed a position. The majority of Nigerians are looking forward eagerly to the advent of an APC administration as a panacea to the deceit and fraud that has characterized the administration of the PDP in the last 16 years.

“In view of the mood of the nation and the glaring cases of stealing, corruption, fraud and looting that is the character of the present administration, we advise the PDP spokesperson to save his breath and make the burden of change and power transfer lighter by advising his party and their government functionaries to start preparing hand-over notes!”

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