Buhari has built 600 road projects – Presidency

Abuja (Sundiata Post) –  President President Muhammadu Buhari has built over 600 road projects, far more than that of previous administrations.

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Presidential aide, Garba Shehu, who made this known, yesterday, said the administration is investing in quality road network because it is the foundation of a thriving , the major medium through which the citizenry earn a living, as well as the access to other modes of .

He said the road infrastructure in the country had deteriorated over time through a combination of official neglect and poor maintenance culture.

“With a government determined to provide smooth and motorable roads, it is the hope that we will achieve a mitigation of the wear and tear of vehicles, enhance the country’s socio-economic development, improve road safety, ensure smooth traffic, reduce travel time and traffic congestion, make for better connectivity in and around the federation.”

Garba said this in a statement to mark the 60th independence anniversary of Nigeria.

The statement added that the administration was not unmindful of the pains the average Nigerian is passing through due to the -induced , but that it is “resolute in continuing with its economic recovery plans which have as a key component the rebuilding of national infrastructures.”

The statement read in part: “As we mark the 60th Anniversary Day, the record-setting, mega roadways projects by the Buhari administration numbering up to 600 that are undergoing major upgrade or call for public attention and appreciation. The size and magnitude of the road projects notwithstanding, the clamour by for more motorable roads is not abating, and neither is the President Muhammadu Buhari Government’s commitment to delivering on an improved national road network, which it inherited at different stages of disrepair from previous administrations. When there is a will, as the adage goes, there will be a way or two.

“Since 2015, the Buhari administration has done more than its predecessors to rehabilitate Federal Roads despite other competing infrastructural needs. For an Administration willed to funding numerous other critical national infrastructure projects aimed at economic self-reliance and increased domestic output, it is indeed commendable how the Buhari administration devised economically sound fiscal strategies to fund the redevelopment of various Federal Highways, including those nearing completion.

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