Buhari Is Not A Medical Tourist, He Has Retained His Doctors In The UK For 30 years -Shehu Garba

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, a Presidential aide has stated that President Buhari is not a tourist, he has only retained same doctor in for 30 years.

Shehu stated this in an interview Channels Television March 30.

He added that Buhari is wise and quite correct in decision to consistently retain of have ensured good for him.

Shehu Said;

think that, unfortunately, there is misconception of president’ trip, seen in the context of tourism.

“President Buhari is not a tourist — if somebody has kept retainership experts; we are talking about 30 years and plus.

“Each year, they view you and examine you and give you a pass and advise you what to do. Would you, given this , be changing your every other year, because there is a chance the distance will be shortened?

think the president is wise and quite correct in decision that he retains consistently the of have ensured good for himself.”