Buhari, Political class pushing for separatist agenda – Femi Falana

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By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Human Rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana has accused President Muhammadu Buhari and the political class of pushing for separatist agenda.

He made the allegation on Tuesday when he appeared on AIT Kakaaki program on “The State of the Nation” while fielding questions on the issues of extradition order against embattled Abba Kyari, Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho.

Falana said that by asking the Attorney General of the Federation to come up with the gazette for the grazing route across the country when he knew that at time was there grazing routes across Nigeria amounts to pursuit of separatist agenda.

On the part of the political class, Falana said for the political class to say that the President must come from a particular part of the country is tantamount to calling for separatist agenda.

Falana who condemned the way and manner court orders are disobeyed in Nigeria with impunity as well the conspiracy of silence from Abuja, stressed that was the failure of the institution to wade in and tame the excesses of suspended Abba Kyari or call him to order that have led him to be cut in the web of where he finds himself today.

He reminded that there are several court summons Abba Kyari has turned down and both the Judges and federal government kept mute about it. ‘ is not being able to subject yourself to laws of the land that the foreign countries are now diong the job.

He recalled that there are court summons against him to appear before the court to answer to some allegations against him that he turned down without the authorities asking he would not obey court order. This he said emboldened him the more and see himself as above the law instead of under the law to the point where he now became comfortable to be seen as a celebrity and get involved in social gatherings where the nation’s currency is abused.

Falana who acknowledged that Abba Kyari was a fine detective, said was unfortunate that he is alleged to have been involved in internet-related fraud as reported. Adding that the four-man panel should be allowed to do their job in accordance with their stipulated law.

However, he maintained that his position on Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday and Abba Kyari has not changed – which is that due process of extradition must be followed. He said that considering that Nnamdi Kanu jumped bail in Nigeria, he should not have been abducted and extradited back to Nigeria. The federal government ought to have applied to the court in Kenya and present their case and followed normal channels rather than abduction.

On Sunday ’s extradition, Falana said was hasty for Nigeria to have arranged for aircraft to extradite Sunday back to Nigeria without recourse to due process, commending the Republic for insisting that there is a law in place. Similarly, the human right lawyer emphasized that the United States should follow the right process of extradition in the case of Abba Kyari too.

Falana who said he is against any form of sessation for that matter warned political leaders to desist from actions that tends to fan the embers of these agitations. They must ensure we build a country where everyone has confidence in the cooperate existence of the country- where there will be political justice, economic justice, social justice.