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Buhari Should Seek God’s Face And Not See Self As The Messiah — Abiara


Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara is the General Evangelist, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Worldwide. Recently, in his office, he spoke to journalists on national issues including the church’s programme: “Messiah’s Day Sign and Wonders,” which ended last Sunday in Ibadan, Oyo State. Stella-Maris Temisanren was there.

WHAT was the significance of the event?
The one-day event with the theme: “Messiah’s Day Sign and Wonders” held at our former church in Old Ife Road in Ibadan. God mandated us to pray for this nation; to pray for Nigerians, to pray for oneness and peace. We will not stop praying for the peace of Nigeria. No matter what, our country needs prayer, hence CAC leaders and members are gathered in Ibadan. We also used the occasion to thank God for His faithfulness and mercy for keeping this country together. What He has done for us as a nation, especially before, during and after the elections is so great. Again, we are expecting same mercy from Him, as new government takes the reins of power on May 29. Without Him, there is nothing any one of us can do, including our political leaders. So, this programme holds once a year.

I also thank everyone that has contributed immensely to the peace that we are experiencing today. Many thought the nation would have been disintegrated, but the Lord disappointed them.

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But your church organised three thanksgiving services before, during and after the elections?
Really, the elections have come and gone, but we are not blind to the great things that God has done for us as a church and a nation. And so, we cannot ignore the mighty hand of God in all these. With those elections, God really proved that He is God indeed. He intervened in every aspect and that is why we never experienced bloodshed and killings that usually characterised previous elections. God told CAC leadership that we must thank and glorify Him for what He has done for the church, the country and the peaceful elections. Many people were expecting a kind of war, which nobody knew the dimension such would have taken, but here we are today. The devil has been shamed and we give all glory to God. We organised the three services to thank Him for answering our prayers in this country.
What is your advice to the newly elected political office holders?

First of all, I congratulate President Goodluck Jonathan and INEC chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega. God really used them to resolve 95 per cent of the nation’s problems. By this singular act, Nigeria is recognised by the international community that we can organise credible election without rancour and bitterness, which used to be the case. God just used the incumbent president to douse those ugly situations through his action and attitude during the election. If he were selfish, he would have used the machinery at his disposal to create chaos.

Did you foresee the emergence of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as president of Nigeria?
Before the New Year, God told me that He would surprise the world. How He was going to do it, I didn’t know until we had the elections, which were peaceful. There was no bloodshed, no killings. It was then that I understood the words of the Lord. I said, oh, is that what God meant, when He said He would surprise the world. You can see with that power really belongs to God alone and He does whatever pleases Him. We are praying that God will preserve the life of our president-elect, Gen. Buhari. But he is not going to perform magic or do more than Jonathan. Nigerians must be patient with the incoming administration of General Buhari. And those that won the election must fulfil their promises and extend hands of fellowship to others. Those that lost should not let their hearts be troubled.

In every election, there must be winners and losers, but that is not the end of the world. There is hope.

There are many challenges facing the country presently. Which in your opinion should Buhari’s administration tackle first?
His government should tackle the problem of power supply first. Nigerians are suffering today because there is no light to do certain things. So, light is key. Security comes next, as the life and property of Nigerians and non-Nigerians must be safe. He has promised to tackle corruption and we will support him with prayer. I pray that God will give them the wisdom to fight corruption. Fixing the economy and engaging jobless Nigerian youths is also important.

Before Buhari was elected, God had said He would use him to resolve some of our problems.

(The Guardian)

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