Buhari’s Arise Tv interview divides Nigerians

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Opinions are divided over Buhari’s interview which he granted a satellite Nigerian television station, Arise Television.

While many believe the president has delivered on the questions posed him by a team , led by the spokesman ex-President Jonathan, Reuben Abati, others say the president was evasive on most the talking points the interview.

Many believe the president veered off on questions about insecurity, direct investment (FDI) and secessionist groups in the country.

According to them, the country is on autopilot as the president has failed to give concrete answers to most the questions.

@Firstladyship said: “Using for the was a master stroke, for good optics. They knew Nigerians won’t be too inclined to slander . John Momoh, Seun & Channels TV crew, would have been torn apart.

watch it. Garba Shehu & are up to no good.”

“After watching Buhari’s interview with , it is now obvious this country is on autopilot. This man has no vision or plans for this country. Just laughing at questions about important national matters”, Irunnia said.

But Kevin Odanz believes Buhari was on point on most, if not all the questions.

“Buhari just said on Arise TV the reason he doesn’t talk about what he is doing to tackle insecurity in the country is because he wants to catch criminals unawares. He doesn’t bandits, kidnappers and co to know what is coming for them. I assuuuuure you,” he said.

Buhari, who rarely grants an interview has been flayed by many in the past for ignoring the media in Nigeria.