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Buhari’s EFCC: Fighting Corruption the Virtual and Perception Way


By Samuel Ajayi

Problem Number One: If you ask any Buhari supporter what is the biggest achievement, he or she will easily say fighting corruption. (Even if he or she says that on an empty stomach) 

Problem Number Two: How can one convince him or her that corruption under this regime is arguably worse than it was under Goodluck Jonathan? 

This is where PERCEPTION comes in. Into the psyche of many Nigerians, it was planted, in 2015, that the moment the government said it was figuring corruption, EVERYTHING would fall into place. It does not matter if such sloganeering is targeted at certain groups and even bigger thieves walk free. 

EFCC is seizing houses LINKED (please note the word “linked”) to Diezani Alison-Madueke yet it released FORTY-EIGHT houses owned by former Bayelsa State governor, Timipreye Sylva. We should not also forget the small matter that Sylva paid the N27m nomination fee of President Buhari.
What do you even expect?  When EFCC under Jonathan went for Sylvia (who had by then moved to APC), his new party leaders rose to his defence that he was being persecuted. Just the way they rose to Saraki’s defence when EFCC asked questions over the now defunct Intercontinental Bank. Same APC leaders were to drag same Saraki before the Code of Conduct Tribunal for SAME offence they claim was persecution THREE years before! 
Many Northerners are making a kill under this regime. Like never before. I can AUTHORITATIVELY claim that. Let me give you a tip of the iceberg:
Ask your president how millions of dollars budgeted for prospecting for oil in the North is being administered and who is in charge of disbursement! 

Yet, someone will tell you they are fighting corruption. It is very bad. But worse for you who claim to be educated and yet believe such crap!

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