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Buhari’s ‘Integrity’ and His Cabinet of Forgers, By Raji Bello


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Presidential adviser Okoi Obono-Obla has continued in his job of exposing corruption for the government several weeks after WAEC had publicly declared his school certificate results “altered and invalid.” Things can’t get more comical than this.

Several stories about the Attorney-General of the Federation trying to benefit from the Abacha loot from Switzerland is yet to move the presidency. The AGF’s role in Mainagate has also been ignored.

An Executive Director of the Niger Delta Power Company who was found not to have an NYSC certificate was elevated to federal permanent secretary while the company’s auditor who exposed him was sacked.

The current case of the finance minister’s NYSC certificate is clearly being suppressed by the government.

During the infamous “16 years of PDP”, Obasanjo had fired ministers Husseini Akwanga (labour and productivity), Fabian Osuji (Education), Mobolaji Osomo (housing) and Iyorchia Ayu (environment) all as a result of hints of corruption. And of course, there was the case of former IG Tafa Balogun, one of the most conclusive cases of a sitting top official in Nigeria being held to account by the same goSource:vernment that appointed him.

Umaru Yar Adua had fired his appointee Adenike Grange (health minister) over suspicion of corruption (she was later cleared).

Even GEJ had found a way to ease his close associate Stella Oduah after she became notorious for allegations of corruption.

I’m neither a wailer nor a hailer and I’ve said so a few times. I’m just a facts guy; I bring out the facts, especially contrasting situations. I did the same thing under PDP leaders. In fairness to this government, it has also fired the former SGF and DG of NSA but the process of resolving their cases hasn’t gone anywhere yet in a way that will reflect the government’s loud anti-corruption rhetoric. The facts at the moment, unfortunately, show a greater willingness to hold appointees to account during the infamous 16 years than in the past 3 years.

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