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Building A Nation that Works! The WhatsApp Challenge, By Obii Pax-Harry


Let every adult find a group willing to make a statement condemning violence, kidnapping, bad governance, etc and then provide logical, sensible, practical, workable transformational solutions for the way forward; including offer of self for the purpose of joining a GOVERNMENT that can REBUILD NIGERIA. Then provide the group with a CV etc. This way we practice government and governance. Since the errors are repeated by those we elect and the problems they cause and have been part of are now systemic, what makes anyone in this group believe they will not be part of the next rot if elected or given opportunity in government? Let every group do something PRACTICAL, CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE. Whatsapp groups in Nigeria have become domain of cowards, armchair critics, spies, and talkers who are wasting the time of potential reformers. Infact I am now convinced Whatsapp Groups are affecting our emotion and bringing further divisions among Nigerians. There is always one annoying person planted in these group to flame tribal and religious sentiments. Since most people now know how DIVIDED down tribal and religious lines the nations is, and today is 29th of June 2018, can we use the next 24hours to THINK and CONSIDER whether to restructure Whatsapp Groups or separate or shut down. Let’s use Whatsapp groups to PRACTICE what we will do with NIGERIA if we were given the opportunity to govern. Do we restructure, shut down to go our separate ways?? This will be fun to do??????. It is convenient to insult people in government past, present, when you have never had a go. Let us practice government here and see how many are emotionally mature enough to BUILD A NATION and not a GOVERNMENT? How many are mature enough to know you do not call anyone at all a “looter” until they have been fairly tried by a court of law and found guilty? Only in Nigeria does that happen, even by a government that should know better. While I condemn corruption and looting, I am not willing to label any persons without a fair trial. Can we do this? How many of us are willing to adopt communities, put our money and effort together to mentor the restless youth? Or is this also for government alone? Fellow Nigerians, let us practice government from 1st July 2018. Let us see how many ridiculous persons who continue to make excuses for out of control criminals cutting short lives because of religion and tribe. How dare any persons equate human life to animals. As a Christian, that violates God’s order in creation (see Genesis chapter 1). Let us see how many who will think, speak and act like a president in this PRACTICAL EXERCISE IN BUILDING FRAMEWORK FOR GOVERNANCE IN 2019, because we now choose to put ourselves in the president’s shoes. What will you do if you were the president? Let us get our minds to build structural framework for a nation that can work like Dubai. This is a HEALTHIER APPROACH to enabling us make sensible choices of leaders for 2019. TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE. This message is for adult Nigerians. Thank you.

*Pastor Obii Pax-Harry is founder,
Nehemiah Apostolic Resource Centre, Abujs

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