Burkina Faso civil society, security forces sign agreement on better behavioural pattern

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OUAGADOUGOU – The Burkina Faso security forces and the civil society on Monday signed an agreement inculcate the need for better behavioural pattern in the people.

The 12-page agreement, ratified by the forces and the civil society, was to contribute to the of good citizenship and to make relations between the population and the defence and security forces better.

The agreement would also ward off the lack of patriotism on the citizenry, especially during transitional period.

The minister in charge of Security, Denise Barry, who attended the agreement signing ceremony, said there was significant rise in the lack of civility and the daily neglect of state authorities.

He said “by way of an example, there is a huge of and gendarmerie stations sacked by the populations to demand the release of people arrested for crimes.’’

However, no fewer than 400 participants from all components of the Burkina Faso society witnessed the signing of the document.
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In October, a popular uprising forced President Blaise Compaore, who came to power in 1987 after a coup against Thomas Sankara, out of office.

The demonstrators, majority of them youths, sacked and set on the where members of parliament were about to pass a bill that would have enabled Compaoré to stand as candidate for a third-term.

In late March, about 2,000 people took part in the “nationwide talks on justice” at the end of which a national pact establishing a strict separation of powers between the executive and Parliament was signed.

Meanwhile Presidential and parliamentary elections would be held on Oct. 11to re-establish the rule of in that country. (PANA/NAN
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