Burkina Faso military kills 11 ‘terrorists’

’s said Thursday they had 11 “” during an operation in the country’s jihadist-plagued north after a recent surge in attacks.

The ground and air operation was launched “in the forest of Bangao and in the areas of Tasmakat, Fourkoussou and Bidy in Oudalan province on February 23 and 24,” the in a statement.

“The toll was 11 neutralised and one captured,” the statement said, adding that there were no losses.

The also seized weapons, ammunition, and transport and communications equipment.

“Following recent recurring attacks against the civilian population in Oudalan province, the national planned and carried out search operations to find the and secure the population,” the statement added.

Nine civilians were and nine more wounded in an attack on a convoy of vehicles travelling in Oudalan province on February 18.

Two women were by an improvised bomb in Yagha province on Tuesday.

, one of the world’s poorest countries, is struggling with a jihadist that began in neighbouring Mali in 2012 and spread into its territory in 2015.

More than 1,200 people have died and a million have fled their homes.


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