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CAN Backs Obasanjo on Fulanisation, Islamisation of Nigeria Agenda


Abuja (Sundiata Post) – The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has said the fear raised by former President Obasanjo on Islamisation and Fulanisation is real and should be taken serious by concerned Nigerians.

CAN National Director, Legal and Public Affairs Evang. Barrister Samuel Kwamkur stated this in Jos while Briefing Journalists on the State of the Nation.

According to Kwamkur, “the position of the Former President is simply a repeat on the stands and position of CAN leaders.

He said, “If what Obasanjo said should be doubted, what is the justification for the community cleansing by killer Fulani Herdsmen who jump on innocent communities in the night and thereby killing them and taking over their communities? We never saw any far reaching steps taken to bring these killer herdsmen to book! How can you justify the Federal Government’s establishment of a radio station for Fulani?”.

The christian religious body also commended the Former President boldness to speak out agaisnt the insecurity across the country.

“We wonder what will become the fate of Nigeria and Nigerians if respected and bold leaders like Obasanjo are no more there to speak.”

“On behalf of the CAN President call on the Federal Government to take seriously the alarm raised by Obasanjo and act on it if they are to be trusted. The former President has spoken the mind of many people and we urge that he should never be intimidated by government for the sake of peace”.

“CAN believes that the foundation for Islamisation of Nigeria has since been laid by the makers of the Nigeria Constitution and some previous leaders of Nigeria.  Particular examples are the provisions made in the Constitution for the operation of Sharia laws and Courts. This makes the common law and the sharia law to be operating in the same constitution.

“This naturally has divided the nation into two and sets the tone for Islamization. The implication of this scenario is confusion. Furthermore, as we have said before, the registration of Nigeria, (a secular state) as a member of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) by military fiat is a further confirmation of deliberate Islamization of the country”.

While Speaking on the level of insecurity, he said the increase and expansion of the activities of insurgencies, Armed bandits, Armed robbery, Kidnappers, Killer Fulani Herdsmen seems to have continued unabated.

He called on government to be bold enough to take responsibility and be sincere in providing convincing lasting solutions.

“The situation whereby the Government will be denying the increasing rate of insecurity while the security budget keeps swelling up with increase in casualties amongst the security operatives, increase in number of victims and cry by communities is worrisome and calls for serious reflections.

“there is urgent need for the creation of state police as the major solutions to ending this communities’ invasions by so called unknown gunmen.”

“The inability of the Federal Government to ensure the release of Leah Sharibu and other abducted victims of Boko Haram gives us sleeplessness. One of the cardinal promises of President Buhari’s Administration is the end to the reign of terrorism and ensuring the released of captured victims of insurgents but the first tenure ended up without achieving maximally such result.

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