Catfish, Side boob, Bedroom tax make Oxford Dictionary new word lists

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ABUJA – Britain’s Press said has added new words to its Oxford Dictionaries to reflect new language trends.

According to August update, some the words include catfish, side boob, side-eye, neckbeard, hyberconnected, air punch, bare, baller, fratty, hench, bedroom tax and pharmacovigilance. [eap_ad_1] Others are abbreviation such as WDYT, meaning What Do You Think?, and YOLO, meaning You Only Live Once.

“These are words are common enough that you are likely to encounter them, and may have to look meanings,” said Oxford Dictionaries editor, Katherine Martin, in its August online updates.

She added that such new entries are informal words or abbreviations that reflect ’s changing media consumption habits and the Internet’s ever-increasing prominence.

Martin said inclusion in the online dictionary does not mean the words will become permanent additions to the English language.

“Many may not make it into the more traditional Oxford English Dictionary.

“For some of these, we will ‘What that?’ in a decade; others may become the next selfie,” she said, referring to last year’s most popular new entry.

“The English-speaking public will choose,’’ she said. (NAN)