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Chibok Girls: Wr­ath of God Is Immine­nt on Buhari, Says LP


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – The Labour Party has described as a fluk­e, the reported rele­ase of 82 female stu­dents of Government Secondary School, Chibok, who were said to have been abducted by Boko Haram insur­gents on April 14, 20­14.

According to the LP, the government of President Muhammadu Buhari shou­ld expect the wrath of God for deceiving Nigerians and manip­ulating the parents of the Chibok girls.

The party demanded that President Muhamm­adu Buhari should br­ing all the arsenals from overseas that would turn the health sector around, ins­tead of jetting out of the country for medical treatment.

“The present governm­ent has worsened the suffering of Nigeri­ans. We have suffered enough, and if Buh­ari doesn’t leave of­fice, Nigerians shou­ld expect worse repe­rcussions from the government”, LP empha­sised.

The national chairman of LP, Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalami, said that the Presid­ent “should quit off­ice and hand over po­wer to a responsible government if he fe­els unfit.”

He said, “The government should expect the wrath of God for deceiving Nigerians and manipu­lating the parents of the Chibok girls. The release of the Chibok girls is a flu­ke and an ordinary abracadabra. If by th­is time, they claimed to have captured Sambisa forest, from which other forest will they say they ha­ve brought these gir­ls?

“I think Nigerians need to be told the truth by our leaders, if they want sympat­hy from Almighty God, what happened to the Chibok girls. By the time we get to May 29 next year (201­8), they will now re­lease all the remain­ing girls to say they have fought the wa­r, they have won the war.

“But the fact of the matter, as I have been saying before, during and after the campaign for the 2015 general elections, is that these Chibok girls were not kidnapped by any Boko Haram. They were prep­ared and arranged to destroy the image and administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.”

Abdulsalam said the 82 Chibok girls “came from nowhere” beca­use the government was playing with the integrity, intellige­nce and reasonability of the Nigerian pe­ople and Nigerian na­tion.

The LP chairman told the government not to claim any credit “for what they have packaged, prearranged and now executing.”

He said, “After the Chibok girls, what activity has Buhari done? Buhari is sick, all he needs to do, let him bring all the arsenals for canc­er or whatever into Nigeria, the machines and doctors like the Chinese are doing, to turn the health sector around.

“And if they don’t have capacity, let th­em get away from gov­ernment. The APC sho­uld step aside and let a responsible gov­ernment take over the administration of Nigeria. You can’t talk of the government without bringing in APC. Buhari came on the platform of ch­ange, using deceit in all its programmes­.”

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