Chibok: Vigilantes armed with dane guns kill eight Boko Haram members, capture one

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the Vigilante Group armed with just dane guns that permits them  shoot once before refilling the cartridges reportedly killed eight  the Haram armed with sophisticated weapons  in a village near Chibok town Borno , said.

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson the Vigilante Group, Muhammed Gava, told Premium Times,  that a gang of gunmen believed be of   Haram, Monday morning, at about 3 a.m. attacked Kwarangilam Village of Chibok Local Area — located about 15km from Chibok town– but had their mission aborted as members of the Vigilante Group laid ambush for them, adding  that one of the insurgents was also arrested alive.

“We have arrested one of them alive and have handed him over the military personnel in Chibok town”, said Mr. Gava.

was a successful operation that we had in Chibok local today Monday.”

“The gunmen invaded Kwarangilam at about 3 a.m., but unknown to them, our men in the area were aware of the attack and had taken cover to wait for them. They started the attack by setting fire houses, shops; and our men began to shoot from their hideouts, which the Haram gunmen could locate. They were so lucky to have gunned down eight of them. The gunmen became confused and decided to flee”.

Simply known as Mr. Tar, the chairman of the vigilante group said: “We have said time and again that we need better weapons; we need vehicles and other accessories that would make our jobs better; if we can better arms, who is Boko Haram that would hold to ransom all this while”, the Vigilante said.