Child who walks like a frog because of mother’s failed abortion attempts

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The sad story of a girl physically deformed because of her mother’s attempts to abort her has been told by her father.

The girl by name Perpetual has been unable to walk since birth because her mother tried to abort her before her birth date was due.

Mr Victor Sarbah, father of Perpetual, an interview Emefa Adeti on the Prime Morning show recalled the woeful story.

Victor explained that his ex- successfully aborted an earlier pregnancy the help of a friend of hers he had advised her against.

According to him, Perpetual’s mother lied to him about having a miscarriage from falling down when she actually took a drug to abort it.

“When she was pregnant Perpetual too, she took the drug again but didn’t work this time around. So that’s how Perpetual has ended up like this; she was trying to abort her. The same friend ended up laughing at her for having a child who walks like a frog,” he recounted.

The woman who sells waakye for a living divorced her husband and left him sole custody of their physically impaired daughter.

”She took off our first and third leaving me Perpetual and one boy. I have been Perpetual’s sole guardian for 2 years now”, Victor narrated.

Source: GHPAGE