China donates N800m to fight Ebola disease

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ebola virusChina has made available 30 million Yuan ($3m or N800m) to help three countries deal with the threat of the Ebola virus.

In a statement issued on Tuesday by the Consulate of the Peoples of China in Lagos, the aid is to go to the three most endemic countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and . It was signed by the Vice-Consul, Mr. Xu Xinglong,.

The statement said the monetary aid is the second to be provided by the Chinese government after the recent of Ebola disease in West Africa.

The first was the shipment of humanitarian supplies, mainly protective clothing and gears, monitoring devices, sprays, drugs and other medical equipment.

The statement said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed. Chinese and African peoples are good brothers, good friends and good partners, who grow together by sharing weal and woe. We would always support and help each other.” [eap_ad_2] Recalling that more 20,000 Chinese live in the three countries, the consulate said the Chinese government was very much concerned about the health and safety of not just its citizens in the affected countries but also the health of local people.

“The Chinese government and people will not forget that the African people always reach out to offer timely help and generous support when Chinese people met with difficulties. After the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and Qinghai Yushu earthquake in 2010, African countries, such as Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Congo and Equatorial Guinea provided China with donation in spite of the that they themselves are not wealthy.

“At present, the Ebola outbreak continues to spread, especially in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The health and life safety of the people in the above countries are facing serious threats and big challenges. The three , the United Nations and the World Health Organisation appeal to the international community to lend a helping hand to provide emergency aid as soon as possible,” the statement further said.[eap_ad_3]