China sanctions Mike Pompeo, 27 other Trump officials

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China has imposed sanctions against former US Secretary State, Mike Pompeo and 27 other the .

The action came 24 hours after Pompeo accused China genocide against Uighur Muslims.

The announcement made as Joe Biden took oath of office as President.

China said Pompeo and others had “executed a series of crazy moves, gravely interfered China’ internal affairs, undermined China’ interests, offended the Chinese people, and seriously disrupted China-US relations”.

Former affected are trade chief, Peter Navarro; national advisers Robert O’Brien and John Bolton; health secretary, Alex Azar; UN ambassador Kelly Craft, and Steve Bannon.

The ex-appointees and immediate members would be banned entering China, Hong Kong or Macao; companies and institutions associated with them can no longer do do with China.

Pompeo’ incoming successor, Anthony Blinken, agreed with Pompeo’ comment.

“The forcing of men, women and into concentration camps; trying to, effect, re-educate them to be adherents to the ideology of the Chinese Communist party, all of that speaks to an effort to commit genocide,” Blinken said.

A foreign spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, told the media that Pompeo has made so many lies recent years.

“This US politician is notorious for lying and cheating, is making himself a laughing stock and a clown. We hope the new US administration can have own reasonable and cool-minded judgment on Xinjiang issues, among other issues,” she said.