China’s Guangdong province pledges to protect Nigerian nationals

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By Victor Asije
Guangzhou (China)- Mr Lou Jun, Deputy Director General of Guangdong in China’s Foreign Affairs Office, on Friday said his government would continue to protect the rights of Nigerians.

Lou disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Guangzhuo, China, while reacting to recent reports of harassment of some Nigerians and other Africans in foreign countries.

The deputy director general said it was imperative for the province to safeguard the rights of Nigerians because of the long existing relationship between China and Nigeria.

“There are presently many Nigerians living in and visiting Guandong Province of China, for different purposes. This is good for the relations of China and Nigeria.

“Presently, there are about 2000 Nigerians with official stay permit of six months in Guandong Province.

“Let me assure Nigerians and the Nigerian Government our government will continue to open its doors to more Nigerians, as well as ensure protection in Guandong Province.

“We have adequate police force has continued to offer protection to Nigerians and other foreigners in Guandong,’’ he said.

Luo said the government had always encouraged Nigerians to go about with identity cards, and to also register their hotels and residence with the police to ensure their safety.

He said investigations had revealed that some Nigerians were in the habit of overstaying their visa duration periods, to be working or “doing deals illegally” in the province.

The Guandong government’s official, however, urged Nigerians to always identify their reason for visiting China and know whether to have a short or long stay visa.

“What we have discovered is some Nigerians and other Africans are more interested in just coming to buy our products.

“This has continued to make it difficult for to grant them visa extensions.

“It would, therefore, be right for Nigerians coming to our province and other parts of China, to always first do their homework, before coming,’’ he advised. (NAN)