Chinese restaurant closed down for turning back blacks •They’ll infect us with COVID-19 – Management

Authorities in Zambia have shut down a Chinese restaurant in the capital, Lusaka for reportedly refusing locals entry into the eatery. The Latian restaurant closed entry to blacks, allowing access to only Chinese for reasons related to the novel coronavirus.

It feared letting blacks in will lead to the spread of the scourge into the restaurant.

The discriminatory practice rattled Lusaka’s Mayor, Miles Sampa, who on Monday in the company of his director of health moved to close the restaurant indefinitely.

Speaking to journalists after the closure, Sampa bemoaned the actions of the Chinese eatery as sickening, adding that the decision to close down the facility was because they infringed on the laws under the country’s Food and Health Act including trading without license and selling products labeled in Chinese instead of English.

The action of the Mayor followed a report by local television station Muvi TV describing how the restaurant allows entrance to Chinese and denying blacks.

“We strongly reprimanded the owner a Mr. Tang on that malpractice as well. Apartheid finished a long time ago in Lusaka after Zambia gained Independence in 1964.

“We urge all residents of Lusaka to whistleblow on any business or trading place exhibiting unethical practices. We shall move in decisively with supersonic speed,” Sampa was quoted as saying.

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