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Christmas: Perform more positive acts, Bishop Badejo urges Nigerians


Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo has called on Nigerians, both young and old, to do more good acts than “talk good talk” during Christmas, adding that it is a time for positive action.

Badejo gave this advice in his Christmas message made available to the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) on Thursday.

He said the season was about giving and urged Nigerians to give not only of themselves but also their time, resources and love.

According to him, God took the love initiative and gave up his only son, without which there could not gave been Christmas.

“All who have the spirit of Christmas must get it right up and give up something for  the sake of others, a better life, a better family, a better church, society and a better world.

“That is the true Christmas spirit.”

He described Davido, the Nigerian pop singer as ‘ a Christmas ambassador. ” He raised N251 million (over 500,000 dollars ) from his admirers and gave all away to orphanages all over Nigeria.

” What a Christmas gesture. All such spirit mirrors the Christmas spirit. How many Christmas messages can match that. Such is the spirit we must inculcate in ourselves, in our families, our children , and in our youth,” he said.

He said that Davido’s action was the opposite of the trending habit whereby everybody would want everything for themselves in a tragic and corrosive race of entitlement.

He said such was destroying families, the society and the nation.

But, Jesus came to the world to give up his life . At this Christmas, what are you giving up?, he asked

The bishop said that regrettably, there were too many people in recent time who had jettisoned the place of Jesus Christ in the season.

These people, he said, struggled to put Father Christmas, their businesses, their picnics, their media, their programmes, their parties, their music, their excursions, meetings and other things at the centre of the season.

“Celebrate because Christ is born, not because Father Christmas, gifts or picnics have come.

“Consider even the spelling, Christ-mas! Anything done at this season must relate to Christ, to be authentic and even the media must focus more on positive actors than on sweet speakers,” he said.

Badejo admonished Nigerians to reconcile with God and others, adding that Jesus came to reconcile man to God, and with each other, so that man could enjoy peace and freedom from sin and strife.

He added that at the birth of Jesus, gifts were given to the baby in the manger, “representing the marginalised, the weak and the needy, not to the kings, priests, the rich, the powerful, the comfortable.

“Where do your gifts go? Who is receiving your gifts at Christmas? Remember to give where it counts,” he said.

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