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CISLAC to develop national impunity index on corrupt practices


ABUJA – Mr Auwal Musa, Executive Director, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), an NGO, said it would develop a National Impunity Index to reduce corrupt practices in Nigeria.
Musa told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Abuja that the index would be used to publish corrupt practices being perpetuated by Nigerians on yearly basis.
“When we start releasing the impunity index of people found with corrupt practices, people will know that corruption is now being monitored by the NGOs.
“It is time for us as civil society organisations to start documenting impunity cases happening in the country and we must develop systematic approach to achieve this.
“People commit different offences while in office and there are no records to follow their cases; if there are cases of impunity documented, it will be difficult for people to operate impunity easily.
He noted that financial, political and judicial impunity are going on in the country and no much impact has been done to address them and people were getting away with them.
“Right now there is no systematic way of monitoring corruption report cases, and nobody is even compiling judicial cases, it is important for us to do this as we want to sanitise the country from corruption.’’
Mr Shola Williams, Executive Secretary for Pan-African Campaign, an NGO, told NAN that it became imperative to develop the index as it should be treated with urgency to combat corruption.
“ Impunity is an inevitable act in Nigeria and it must be treated with matter of urgency to control irrational behavior, such as extra judicial killing, corruption, among others.
He called for checks and balances among the arms of government to checkmate bad activities in the system, adding that if they were properly checked, impunity would reduce to the barest minimum. (NAN)

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