Class action against Facebook attracts 60,000 users

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Class action against Facebook attracts 60,000 usersVIENNA – An Austrian law student said his class action challenging Facebook for alleged privacy violations had gathered support from 60,000 users and passed its first legal review.

Max Schrems, already has a case involving social network pending at of Justice, is claiming damages of 500 euros ($663) per user from U..-listed Facebook. $195 billion has 1.32 billion active users.

Schrems said Vienna Regional had ordered Facebook Ireland to respond within four weeks to his claims, which include that the social network aided the U.. National Agency in mining the personal data of Facebook users.


Facebook Ireland, which runs the international activities, was not immediately available to comment.

Schrems closed the list of plaintiffs earlier this month after 25,000 joined the , because his legal needed to verify and administer each one.

Since then, another 35,000 have registered to join the class action it expand later, Schrems said Thursday. (Reuters)